REALITY cinema film screening
A field recording taken from the NSW fire fighting helicopter as it picks up water to drop over the fires raging outside of Sydney during the 2019 – 2020 Australian bushfire season.
Australia is my native home the scenes are taken from the news recordings of arial footage taken on infrared camera at night showing the sheer scale of the fires and my own eyes; from seeing flux that flows out of us.
Who shapes the world around us, who creates the world we live in? What is the truth that is wrong? Which reality really is? Every day we make certain choices, our beliefs create the reality in which we live, our imagination creates day-to-day images that revolve before our very eyes. Reality is the belief in the belief that spreads as waves around us.
Reality can be compared to a movie where the frame follows another. We capture some of these shots in our memory by taking pictures or films.
Each of us has our own understanding of the term “reality” and each has its own parallels and associations with it.

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